The Door Is Open operates out of the good will of people in our community to help people in need.

We are a day shelter for the homeless of Vancouver, with approximately 130,000 homeless visits per year. Our homeless are people who are used to living on the street, and want to come in out of the cold or rain to relax, to eat or to socialize in a safe, friendly, and non-judgemental environment.

You can help us in the following ways:

We are privately funded through individual donations but most of the funds are provided by the Catholic Charities of Vancouver. We do not receive any government funding. If you would like to contribute to The Door Is Open, please call Catholic Charities at (604) 683-0281 or mail a donation for The Door Is Open, care of Catholic Charities, 4885 Saint John Paul II Way Vancouver BC V5Z 0G3. You can also donate directly online here.

Many people in our community have donated much of their time to help the homeless. Any assistance you can offer would be much appreciated. If you are interested, please contact The Door Is Open using the information below.